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Cash remains the dominant payment method for nonprofit organizations. PayHub provides a trusted mechanism for securely collecting and reducing the cost of handling cash.

For most nonprofit organizations, the largest percentage of donations is made in cash. According to the Malaysia’s most recent non-profit report, of the RM9.6 million in donations collected (for which payment method can be determined), RM6.5 million was made in cash. That’s 65% of all donations made in cash, a surprisingly large figure when you consider that most of Malaysia’s financial transactions have moved online. This is partly due to the nature of fundraising activities, but is also a result of many donors’ discomfort with, or inability to make, online payments.

Any and all donations are, of course, extremely welcome, but the reality is that cash and cheque payments can be more work and costlier to administer than their electronic counterparts. Cash donations must be collected, counted and securely transported for deposit. Cheque donations similarly require extra labour and costs – to open envelopes, match donor information and make deposits (for which banks typically charge fees). In addition, cash and cheque payments require more effort to record and track for the purposes of tax receipts, future canvassing or communication to donors.

You need an alternative payment method for your customers, an easy way for them to make secure donations by cash or debit. PayHub provides exactly that – a trusted mechanism for your donors to make in-person cash donations at any one of 12,000 outlet locations across Malaysia. Just provide your organization’s QR code to donors – they make their cash donations via PayHub outlets and you receive the donor notification in real time.

PayHub QR technology can also provide nonprofit organizations with new opportunities to accept mobile payments from donors – options that are easily incorporated into on-the-go fundraising or social media campaigns.

PayHub gives your donors the comfort of a simple and secure payment option and also provide digital receipts for tax purposes.

Reduce the cost and effort associated with handling cash and cheque donations, with Payhub.

Case Studies

The Client : A Small Nonprofit Organization

The Problem:
Some donors aren’t comfortable giving by cash or cheque at the event site, wanting a more secure option that ensures their donation gets to the charity. Charities need to provide a secure, in-person donation method that gives instant notification for charitable receipt generation.

The PayHub Solution:
PayHub gives a nonprofit organization a unique QR code that can be applied to direct mail letters, postcards or other paper products. These can be distributed to potential donors, with instructions to drop into a PayHub outlet to make a simple and secure donation. Saves time and effort for both donor and charity!

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